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Mediation is a voluntary process which serves as an alternative to litigation. Or, if you have already started litigation, mediation provides a unique opportunity to create a balanced, negotiated resolution you can bring when you return to the court and your judge.

With mediation, families and seniors have the opportunity to resolve their elder care, guardianship and special needs disputes or disagreements through facilitated conversations and specific techniques used by the specially trained mediator. The mediator serves as the impartial neutral who manages conversations, information exchanges, and settlements by holding jointly held sessions with all persons in the dispute, and in private discussions called caucus.

Mediation can be used by families without lawyers to resolve all stages of elder care, pre-court guardianship and special needs disagreements.

If you have already hired a lawyer or started a legal guardian proceeding, your lawyer can still play an important role in mediation.

The goal of mediation is for all ‘sides’ in the dispute or disagreement to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution or settlement. That resolution or settlement will always be a better result than the parties could have reached solely on their own or in a court proceeding.

Remember that mediation is not arbitration, which is a different form of dispute resolution.

My work as mediator is not to be your advocate or a judge.

My role is to facilitate the options for resolution of your dispute or disagreement. I accomplish this by skillfully but impartially guiding you through the negotiation process and allowing you to create and determine your unique solutions in ...

  • Elder care
  • Guardianship (for incapacitated adults under Article 81 and intellectually disabled adults under Article 17A)
  • Special needs plans, including those for parents engaged in divorce proceedings or post-divorce
Think mediation, not litigation.

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